View 2. Chti Cup (cancelled)

Competition details
Competition name
2nd Chti Cup (cancelled)
Start of the competition
End of the competition
Start of the registration
End of the registration
Competition director
Philippe Quoy
Flandre Radio Modélisme
Airfield location
Chemin des Boudins 59118 Wambrechies
Starting fee
50€ for seniors, 20€ for rookies and juniors(up to 23 years) 0 € juniors (up to 18 years)
Payment details
Entry fees: 50€ for seniors, 20€ for rookies and juniors(up to 23 years) 0 € juniors (up to 18 years) The registration is only valid if the entry-fee is transferred until 10.05.2019. (You can find the club’s EBAN on the website)
World Cup
Minimum number of participants
Maximum number of participants
  • Option 1: Pilots with electric-powered models are invited.These pilots will start in separate groups with a separate ranking. A double registration will be possible.
Due to the small number of registered pilots, we are unfortunately forced to cancel the chti Cup 2019.

List of registered pilots
# Pilot Nation Team Options Status
1 Averwerser, Ralf  Germany Energija Payed
2 Weberschock, Martin  Germany Team Badesalz Not payed
3 Besemer, Steffen  Germany [foo] Not payed
4 Becker, Markus  Germany [foo] Not payed
5 Heijne, Erik  Netherlands WiZeF Not payed
6 Averwerser, Kai  Germany Energija Payed
7 Tunker, Holgard  Germany Energija Not payed
8 Medard, Patrick  France TopTeam Opt. 1 Not payed
9 LAURENT, POTIN  France Beep Beep Payed
10 beun, rudy  France france Not payed
11 Quoy, Sylvain  France Beep Beep Not payed
12 Sarter, Christoph  Germany Team Badesalz Not payed
13 Pinoteau, Pascal  France Beepbeep Not payed
14 Pinoteau, christian  France Beepbeep Not payed
15 FRAISSE, Jean-michel  France Beepbeep Not payed