View 27. Summer Soaring Criteruim

Competition details
Competition name
27th Summer Soaring Criteruim
Start of the competition
End of the competition
Start of the registration
End of the registration
Competition director
Denis Duchesne
Airfield location
rue Eugène Renard B-4161 Anthisnes
Starting fee
Payment details
the entry fee is 55€ for seniors F3B or F3B-e, 90€ for both competitions, 30€ for rookies and free for juniors(max 18 years old) CRPAL ASBL rue de la Cornette 18 B-4347 Voroux-Goreux BIC GEBABEBB IBAN BE 12 2400 2875 9692
World Cup
Minimum number of participants
Maximum number of participants
  • Option 1: E-F3B only (Check this if you want to take part in E-F3B only)
  • Option 2: E-F3B + F3B (Check this if you want to take part in the normal competition and the E-F3B classification)
Free camping on the field as well as water and WC. Showers can be had at the school village (5 minutes drive). Hotels : ; , other hotels can be found on and . Meals can be reserved to Breakfast 4€/day Lunch 5€/day Saturday supper 10€

List of registered pilots
# Pilot Nation Team Options Status
1 Becker, Markus  Germany [foo] Confirmed
2 Besemer, Steffen  Germany [foo] Confirmed
3 Merzhäuser, Thomas  Germany [foo] Confirmed
4 Neumann , Matthias  Germany [foo] Confirmed
5 Lazinka, Robert  Germany [foo] Confirmed
6 Edenhofer, Helmut  Germany Team Badesalz Confirmed
7 Thomas, Frank  Germany Team Badesalz Confirmed
8 huggler, niklaus  Switzerland IG f3b Opt. 2 Confirmed
9 Luethi, Heinz  Switzerland IG f3b Opt. 2 Confirmed
10 Böhlen, Andreas  Switzerland IG f3b Confirmed
11 Zwingli, Hansruedi  Switzerland IG F3B Confirmed
12 Donker Duyvis, Frits  Netherlands Freebird Confirmed
13 Smits, Jeroen  Netherlands Freebird Confirmed
14 Vreugdenhil, Frans  Netherlands Freebird Confirmed
15 Ros, Ben  Netherlands Freebird Confirmed
16 Kübler, Thomas  Switzerland IG F3B Confirmed
17 Averwerser, Ralf  Germany Energija Confirmed
18 Heijne, Erik  Netherlands WiZeF Confirmed
19 Averwerser, Kai  Germany Energija Confirmed
20 Schlaffke-Mowinkel, Uwe  Germany Lünchen Confirmed
21 Köberlein, Gerhard  Germany Energija Confirmed
22 Jerx, Ingo  Germany SMG Langenhagen Confirmed
23 Hubbertz, Peter  Germany Lünchen Confirmed
24 Weinländer, Ralph  Germany F3B4 Confirmed
25 Giere, Thomas  Germany F3B4 Confirmed
26 Hoppe, Steffen  Germany Lünchen Confirmed
27 Herrig, Andreas  Germany [foo] Confirmed
28 ten Holt, Joris  Netherlands WiZeF Confirmed
29 LAURENT, POTIN  France Beep Beep Confirmed
30 GOURDET, julien  France Beep Beep Confirmed
31 Coulomb, sylvain  France Beep Beep Confirmed
32 Medard, Patrick  France TopTeam Opt. 2 Confirmed
33 Lagrue, Philippe  France TopTeam Confirmed
34 Pinoteau, Pascal  France Beepbeep Confirmed
35 Pinoteau, christian  France Beepbeep Confirmed
36 FRAISSE, Jean-michel  France Beep-beep Opt. 1 Confirmed
37 Gruber, Thomas  Germany Team Badesalz Opt. 2 Confirmed
38 Fiedler, Christian  Germany Team Badesalz Confirmed
39 Becker, Göran  Germany [foo] Confirmed
40 Sarter, Christoph  Germany Team Badesalz Confirmed
41 Jakob, Peter  Germany Team Badesalz Confirmed
42 Behensky, Michal  Czech Republic FUSO Confirmed
43 Fusek, Petr  Czech Republic FUSO Confirmed
44 Mölter, Marc  Belgium BEL Confirmed
45 Schlothmann, Björn  Germany [foo] Confirmed
46 Giere, Wolfgang  Germany F3B4 Confirmed
47 Cherepanov, Oleg  Russia Lünchen Confirmed
48 beun, rudy  France france Not payed
49 Krischke, Johannes  Germany Team Badesalz Not payed