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Competition details
Competition name
11th International F3B Cup 2019
 Czech Republic
Start of the competition
End of the competition
Start of the registration
End of the registration
Competition director
Jan Stonavsky
RC model klub Brno
Airfield location
Letiště Mikulovice LKMI Mikulovice č.p.163 790 83 Mikulovice - Czech Republic 50.2998583N, 17.2913439E
Starting fee
55 Senior, 25 Junior
Payment details
Jan Stonavsky - WC 2019 IBAN: CZ3030300000001304734040 BIC: AIRACZPP Payments at the latest 30.6.2019.
World Cup
Minimum number of participants
Maximum number of participants
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List of registered pilots
# Pilot Nation Team Options Status
1 Besemer, Steffen  Germany [foo] Payed
2 Neumann , Matthias  Germany [foo] Payed
3 Grüssing, Harald  Germany BB Payed
4 Tuma, Jiri  Czech Republic FUSO Not payed
5 Donker Duyvis, Frits  Netherlands Freebird Payed
6 Ros, Ben  Netherlands Freebird Payed
7 Vreugdenhil, Frans  Netherlands Freebird Payed
8 Smits, Jeroen  Netherlands Freebird Payed
9 Au, Holger  Germany BB Payed
10 Flöter, Lutz  Germany BB Payed
11 Ober, Andreas  Germany Mad Goose Payed
12 Ober, Günther  Germany Mad Goose Payed
13 huggler, niklaus  Switzerland IG F3B Payed
14 Fellendorf, Dennis  Germany BB Not payed
15 Fusek, Petr  Czech Republic FUSO Not payed
16 Kübler, Thomas  Switzerland IG F3B Payed
17 Marek, Pavel  Czech Republic FUSO Not payed
18 Ståhl, Joakim  Sweden Freebird Payed
19 Johansson, Patrik  Sweden Freebird Payed
20 GOURDET, julien  France Beep Beep Not payed
21 Luethi, Heinz  Switzerland IG-F3B Payed
22 krogh, søren  Denmark DEN Payed
23 Petersen, Regnar  Denmark Denmark Payed
24 Sarter, Christoph  Germany Team Badesalz Payed
25 Edenhofer, Helmut  Germany Team Badesalz Payed
26 Thomas, Frank  Germany Team Badesalz Payed
27 Weberschock, Martin  Germany Team Badesalz Payed
28 Cooke, Thomas  United States AUSA Payed
29 Safarik, Pavel  United States AUSA Payed
30 Hansen, Jan  Denmark Denmark Payed
31 Sørensen, Niels Nørmark  Denmark Denmark Not payed
32 Baďurová, Iva  Czech Republic Lady Payed
33 Baďura, Milan  Czech Republic Lady Payed
34 Böhlen, Andreas  Switzerland IG F3B Payed
35 Zwingli, Hansruedi  Switzerland IG F3B Payed
36 Lachowski, Michael  United States AUSA Payed
37 Pinoteau, Pascal  France Beep Beep Not payed
38 Kiesling, Thomas  United States AUSA Payed
39 Kullack, Tim  Australia Aus Payed
40 Merzhäuser, Thomas  Germany Aus Payed
41 Skinner, John  Australia Aus Payed
42 Cherepanov, Oleg  Russia Aus Payed
43 Lobov, Oleg  Russia F3B RUS Payed
44 Permyakov, Pavel  Russia F3B RUS Payed
45 Safonov, Roman  Russia F3B RUS Payed
46 Shchegolev, Alexey  Russia F3B RUS Payed
47 Teterin, Sergei  Russia F3B RUS Payed
48 Mataczyno, Jerzy  Poland Poland Payed
49 Morawski, Arkadiusz  Poland Poland Not payed
50 Zyga, Leszek  United States AUSA Payed
51 Herrig, Andreas  Germany [foo] Payed
52 Krischke, Johannes  Germany Kulmbach Express Not payed
53 Drzymała, Wojciech  Poland Poland Not payed
54 Skarwecki, Michael  Poland Poland Payed
55 FRAISSE, Jean-michel  France Beepbeep Not payed
56 Fiedler, Christian  Germany Kulmbach EXpress Not payed
57 Kohout, Jan  Czech Republic Lomcovak Not payed